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Marc Kirschbaum, Belen Zevallos (Hrsg.), LEARN[IN] - A Matter of Space

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This publication provides an overview of the project LEARN[IN] in 2019/20 that dealt with the “re-definition of learning spaces as a key factor of 21st century education”. Studying and teaching have significantly changed over the last few years. The implications of those changes need to be integrated into the conceptions of spaces in which learning takes place.

For the challenges that the world is facing, students need to learn how to work in an always changing environment, in interdisciplinary teams as well as in international contexts, to address these challenges. At the same time, learning spaces and educational environments have to transform and adapt to this new educational curriculum with innovative approaches.

All presented research took place with an european scope in the framework of new Erasmus partnerships between Heidelberg, Florence and Guimarães.

    • E-Paper PDF: 226 Seiten
    • Verlag: Heidelberger Hochschulverlag
    • Auflage: 1 (04.01.2021)
    • Sprache: Englisch
    • ISBN: 978-3-942648-40-7
    • Größe: 210 x 210 mm